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Welcome to Mariah's Massage!

 Hello everyone!


Hey everyone! I was really hoping I would not have to make this post. However, the prices of everything keep climbing. 

Starting ***February 1, 2023***, all special deals and pricing will no longer be available. Attached is the list of pricing and packages below. I appreciate everyone who has stayed with me through everything. I hope to be able to continue working on you. If you have any questions, or concerns, please message me directly.

Thank you all,



Military, First Responders,New Client,Senior -20% off

Massage Prices:

30 minute massage-$45

45 minute massage-$55

60 minute massage-$75

90 minute massage-$100

120 minute massage-$130


Deep Relief/Chill blue CBD-$25

Unicorn CBD-$30

Blueberry Kush CBD-$40

Pineapple haze CBD-$30



3-30 minute massages-$115

3-45 minute massages-$140

3-60 minute massages-$190

3-90 minute massages-$225

3-120 minute massages-$335

5-30 minute massages-$ 195

5-45 minute massages-$235

5-60 minute massages-$320

5-90 minute massages-$425

5-120 minute massages-$ 555



Wednesday -12-6



102 Rottingham Ct, Suite C, Edwardsville, IL 62025

You may book online at this website

Also all gift cards and packages purchased with Mariah are still valid!

Lypossage is now available. Contact me for a consultation! 

Helps remove cellulite! Increase muscle tone!